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Finally, Drupal 8 migration has been completed!

Submitted by ezybzy on

After getting inspiration from watching this. Started at midnight and redid again in late morning. Looking back, It took me a year to complete this!

The tough part was lack of knowledge. In order for migration module to work properly, modules such as comment, node, and taxonomy must be enabled before starting migration! (The migrate module depended on their hooker methods) Also, without composer accessing due to shared hosting, installing CloudFlare required library, cloudflarephpsdk, was impossible via user interface. In order to install it, it must be uploaded somewhere and files such as autoload_psr4.php and autoload_static.php inside composer folder must be modified manually. I found these differences by comparing composer done environment with my production files. The only broken things left were files and current bootstrap theme. At least, it is finished!