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Water Festival in Bangkok

Submitted by ezybzy on Mon, 2008-04-14 - 11:50

It's April 14. This period in Thailand is an original new year period (April 13 to April 15). Actually it is not a water festival but surrounding is so hot so we use water to chill out. A lot of water activities here like shower Bhuddha image, shower our parent, and the famous one, shower together (with some kinds of water weapon, powder, ice, etc.).

Yesterday, I walked to Khao Sarn road. It is near my home since I am living near Banglumphu. I picked up my iPhone (sealed in medicine zip pack) and took photos. Actually it is my merit to go there every year to eat ice cream. (I always go there to eat Swensen.) Through out the way, there were a lot of water wars but not so many like many previous year. It may cause by a powder forbidden around Khao Sarn road area, water carrier vehicles forbidden or any other reasons. I still found those kinds of thing near my home. (Bless of Thai law.)

Even though a lot of restriction there, we still have fun. See pics.